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Acoustic Absorber

A90 A180 Acoustic Absorber

A90 A180 Acoustic Absorber
Instant Good Sound! Hi-end from here!



Acoustic Absorber

- Home theater
- Audio room
- Studio
- Piano room
- Broadband sound absorption (63~8kHz)
- High absorption coefficient 
- Non-combustible
- Non toxic
- Rigid and durable
- Quick and simple to install
- Safe to use
  Apply to wall surfaces
  Dimension: R25.7cm (10 1/8") H160cm (5'3")
  Net Weight: 23.3kgs (51.4lbs)
  Gross Weight: 28.1kgs (62lbs)
  Price: US$1,300 ea








Apply to corners
Dimension: R39cm (15 3/8") H160cm (5'3")
Net Weight: 25.6kgs (56.4lbs)
Gross Weight: 31.1kgs (68.6lbs)
Price: US$1,500 ea
About Acoustic Absorber
The room echo is a result of the sound reflected by room surfaces. Reflected sound will offset or superimpose on the direct sound of the audio system, which seriously affects the actual listening experience. The appropriate echo in room is very important for obtaining high-fidelity sound. 
Acoustic Absorber is a sound-absorbing system for sound absorption and diffusion, which can effectively reduce room echo. A180 & A90 are designed to evenly absorb frequency from 63Hz to 8,000Hz. The sound absorption coefficient is listed as the figure 1. 
Due to it's a sound-absorbing system instead of the single sound-absorbing material, it absorbs the sound energy, at the same time, diffuses those sound that can't be completely absorbed at other frequencies. The figure 2 shows the absorption result for the 250Hz frequency, red arrows going into the absorber, and the green arrows representing the shorter wave length frequency diffusing from inside. 
A90 fits the corner and A180 is for the flat surface use. We would suggest every 5 feet installing Acoustic Absorber for obtaining the best result of room acoustic. The real Hi-end sound starts from  Acoustic Absorber!
Listening room setup by Acoustic Absorber. Lien curtain for high frequency absorbing. 


Closed curtain for listening. Curtain built from the roof to ground. 


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