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Bona Cable

  • Bona Industrial Co. LTD is from Taiwan China, founded in 1988, started with communication cable manufacturing, OEM Hi-end audio cables for Europe and America customers since 1992. In the accumulation of solid manufacturing experience, we continuously explore communication theory and audio sound practice. In 1994, a series of Hi-end audio & video cables launched as Bona. Our engineers focus on the sole purpose of developing product that performs the best sound of equipment, but could let audiophiles easily enjoyed the music life at an affordable price. In this decade, all of the technology and materials for audio cable were almost entirely applied to Bona product line. Such as: braiding, spiral, plaiting, twist, combination of forward/reverse twist, air insulation, multi-plies jacket, pure silver, silver plated copper, copper foil, tiny soft copper, enameled wire and litz wire etc. We believe you must find the perfect cable for your sound system in the complete range of Bona products. Enjoy your music and experience the enchantment of Bona Cable.